Kentucky has many choices when you decide to host a casino party.  Here’s some things to consider when choosing a casino party vendor in Kentucky.

When choosing a casino party vendor in Kentucky be sure to choose a company that has been around awhile, at least 10 years. Kentucky casino partyMany new companies just don’t have the experience to run a successful event, especially a casino party that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Book directly with the casino rental company, not an agent 500 miles away. You’ll save up to 50% on middle-man costs.

Typically, the way a Kentucky casino rental works is that your attendees start out with $20,000 in play money, and play at any table of their choice. At the end of the evening they’ll cash in their chips and unused play money for raffle tickets so they may win prizes. You may even choose to have an auction to give away your prizes.

Most casino table providers offer two options. A full service casino party, where the  casino rental company does all the work and you enjoy the benefits of a successful event.

The second option is usually a fundraising option where the casino rental company provides a Pit Boss and limited personnel, and you supply all the dealers. (We will train your volunteers to deal.) You’ll save the cost of labor on this option. Very popular with charity events.

Good luck and have a funtastic casino party!